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Jane  is an Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor, BACP accredited, with over 25 years of experience. She works with all issues including: anxiety and depression, bereavement, work related stress as well as being a specialist practitioner with trauma and abuse. She trained, in the 1980’s, as a body psychotherapist, recognising that our bodies hold memories; hold our story.  Body psychotherapy is a holistic therapy which approaches human beings as united bodymind, and offers embodied relationship as its central therapeutic stance. Every trauma, shock, difficulty in life, every unexpressed joy is embodied.

Jane is taking on clients for short term therapy work only at the moment.

 Jane’s  original training, and therapy, was in Post Reichian Psychotherapy.  Later she experienced the effectiveness of Bio-energetics (Alexander Lowen) and incorporated this into her work.  Building on this basis she has integrated ways of working from other theoretical models including Gestalt, CBT and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. More recently she has trained in Somatic Trauma Therapy with Babette Rothschild, in EMDR (parts 1 and 2) and in the Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) with Lisa Schwartz.

 In 2003 she went on the first of many Mindfulness retreats with Zen Master, and Mindfulness Teacher, Thich Nhat Hahn.  Since this time she has aspired to live a Mindful life: living with awareness and with compassion. She knows that this will be a lifelong journey.  She has also trained in Mindfulness with the NHS and The Mindfulness Association. Whilst mindfulness and compassion are integral to all her work some people come to her specifically to learn about mindfulness or to use this as the key approach in their therapy. She teaches  8 week Mindfulness Courses, and has done so within the NHS, in Glasgow shipyards and in other locations. Upcoming courses open to all are advertised on her website and also at

She has worked in voluntary and statutory settings supporting people with a whole range of mental health problems -for 10 years in a specialist NHS service providing psychotherapy and group work for both women and men who had experienced Child Sexual Abuse.


Margaret is a Senior Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist with BABCP and an Accredited EMDR Consultant with EMDR UK & Ireland. She graduated from the Centre of Therapy in Glasgow in 1999, having completed a Diploma in Counselling and Group work.  Her training was primarily in CBT and she uses a wide range of approaches within her practice believing it is crucial to use the appropriate type of intervention for each individual client’s needs.

She has continued to develop her skills and expertise with additional training over the years, including Compassion Focused Therapy,EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Ego-state Therapy seeing these additional skills as crucial to her work with traumatised clients. She recognises the importance of working with body sensations as well as cognitions and behaviour  in effective trauma work,  helping to release the body of traumatic experiences.

She has extensive experience in working with a range of difficulties; including depression, anxiety, bereavement and loss, work related stress, PTSD and trauma. 

She is a trained Supervisor and provides supervision to other therapists and trainee therapists. She is also an Accredited Welfare Officer with the Institute of Welfare having first begun her  journey into the field of providing support and counselling as a Staff Welfare Officer.    

Tel No: 07989 447839             Email:


Linda is a BACP Senior Accredited therapist who initially trained with the Pastoral Foundation in Edinburgh completing her Diploma in 1995 with a core therapeutic training in Transactional Analysis. She managed Yorkhill Family Bereavement Service for 4 years working with anyone affected by the death of a child, and whilst there recognised  that talking therapies alone do not always enable people to deal with the many effects of trauma. She trained in EMDR in 2000 and was accredited by EMDR Europe as an EMDR Consultant in 2006.

Her work with EMDR made her increasingly aware of the importance of working with the somatic components of trauma and she trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma in 2009. She has also integrated Brainspotting, Sandtray therapy, ego state therapy, Lifespan Integration and various other skills into her work.  More recently she has trained in CRM (the Comprehensive Resource Model) because she believes in the importance of enabling people to work with trauma from a position of feeling as resourced as possible.

She has worked extensively with survivors of gender based violence within the NHS, in private practice and at Castle Craig Hospital in the Scottish Borders where she has been a specialist trauma therapist since 2005. She has experience of working with combat trauma, complex grief reactions, addictions, pre-verbal trauma and dissociative disorders.

She trained in Supervision and Mentoring at the Iron Mill Institute gaining her Diploma in 2003 and has an extensive supervision practice both with therapists and other professionals who work in interpersonal settings.

Email: TEL: 07952 961408


Mary is a BACP Accredited Counsellor and an EMDR (UK & Ireland) Accredited Practitioner. She has a Diploma in Humanistic Counselling, a Post Graduate Certificate for Counselling Children and Young People, a Post Graduate Certificate in Person Centred Supervision, has trained in Brainspotting, Somatic Trauma Therapy and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and the Comprehensive Resource Model of Trauma Therapy.

After leaving her previous career,  she trained to become a counsellor in the 1990’s.  Her initial counselling training favoured  'the therapeutic relationship’ and then her interest took her into training and working with trauma.  She has spent the last 10 years developing her private practice in Fife, Edinburgh and Glasgow, offering long and short term counselling . She is currently working with an array of different issues including trauma, stress, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, phobias, physical and  sexual abuse.

She aims to offer a safe place, where you are in charge of what you share and what it is you need support with; a place that values your life experiences and wisdom and with no investment on her behalf, about what you should or should not do.

Her experience of working with people has taught her that the drip, drip effect of smaller traumas can over time add up to post traumatic stress, just as a major traumatic event can. Experience has shown her that  when someone just needs to stop feeling so physically and emotionally overwhelmed working with a Counsellor can help. She aims to work with your knowledge of yourself and her training, at your pace and with greatest respect for the skills that have helped you to survive your story so far, believing that together it is possible to learn what brings you relief from how you are feeling physically and emotionally.   

Mary often has her two dogs with her. Many people find their presence helpful and soothing during trauma work. If this would be a problem for you please let us know.



Aileen is grounded in the Person Centred approach to therapy and draws on a number of other influences including hypnosis, mindfulness, EMDR, Somatic Trauma Therapy, Brainspotting, CRM, ecopsychology, phototherapy, solution focused therapy and compassion focused therapy. She is BACP accredited, has done a post graduate diploma in mindfulness and is a trainer of mindfulness, and has a certificate in Person Centred supervision. For further information see Aileen’s website

Breda Cunniffe

Breda achieved her Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in 2009 at the Centre of Therapy in Glasgow, becoming accredited with BABCP in 2013.  With clinics in both Paisley and Glasgow, she has extensive clinical experience working with Anxiety, Depression, Work related stress, Bereavement/Loss, Body Dysmorphia,  OCD, Addictions, Low Self Esteem,  Relationship issues,  Trauma and Dissociative disorder. 

She has trained in Compassion Focussed CBT, and in the practice of Mindfulness.  Recent training has included Sensorimotor  and  Ego States therapy in the treatment of trauma.   Email:    


Doreen is a BABCP accredited CBT practioner and an Accredited EMDR Practitioner. She also uses CRM and compassion focused therapy.


Jane is a BACP accredited Person Centered counsellor. She received her diploma in Person Centered counselling from the University of Strathclyde and is also a qualified EMDR practitioner.  Prior to training as a counsellor Jane had a background in community and support roles, particularly with women who had experienced sexual and domestic violence. Jane has extensive experience working trans-culturally and for the last six years has worked with people seeking asylum and refugees who have experienced profound trauma and loss. She has an intersectional understanding of oppression and minority stress and is committed to working affirmatively with difference and providing a respectful, non-judgemental and accepting space for her clients. Jane has a particular interest in working with gender, sexuality and relationship diversities and also works as a counsellor for a local LGBT charity. Jane is LGBTQI+ identifying and Asperger’s and Autism aware. 

Linda McArthur Roy

Linda is a BABCP accredited CBT practitioner and uses an integrative approach tailoring therapy for clients using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR and other influences such as ERP (Exposure Response Prevention) and Compassion Focus. 
For further information see Linda’s website


Dr Jeremy Stirling, MB ChB (Leeds), MRCPsych, has been a Consultant Psychiatrist since 1998.  He is on the GMC specialist register for both general and substance misuse psychiatry.  He worked for 30 years within NHS services particularly providing care for those with mental illness and addictions.  He has extensive experience in working with a range of difficulties including PTSD, depression and anxiety.  He trained in EMDR in 2003, sensorimotor psychotherapy in 2009, brainspotting in 2012 and QEEG guided neurofeedback in 2014.   He utilises all of these approaches in his work with clients.  He has a particular interest in the traumatic experience of concussion and has worked for several years with athletes who are at risk of these.